Saturday, May 21, 2016

Ghostbusters Classic Ecto Minis & New Ecto Mini Blind Bags

We all know that the new Ghostbusters movie is coming out soon which features women as the new Ghostbusters. So of course with the new movie, there's going to be merchandise. We're getting merchandise not just from the new Ghostbusters but also the classic one as well. Here we have the Classic Ecto Minis from the original movie and then we have the Ecto Mini which is the new Ghostbusters. These are all mini figures. They retail for $2.99 each.
Here's what we got in our initial blind bag picks. From the classic we got the translucent grey Terror Dog and inside shows like a skeletal area where it glows in the dark. For the new Ghostbusters series we got Patty Tolan.

After buying a blind pack of each we decided to go back for a few more but this time try and find a few we were looking for. We wanted Rowan in the Ghost Trap then we sort of just felt the blind bags and found Slimer.
Same thing for the classic, we found Slimer! Too bad no Stay Puft. By the way, these are made by Mattel. These blind packs did not come with any checklists, only an instruction sheet on how to get the figures to glow in the dark and to get the best glow without over killing it with light. It would have been nice to get a checklist with each pack as well even though most of them are pictured on the package.

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