Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets Mini Figure Series 1 Blind Bag

The Secret Life of Pets movie will be hitting Theaters shortly and there are merchandise hitting stores. This is one of the items that you'll see at retailers which is Spin Master Toys' The Secret Life of Pets Mini Pets Mini Figures blind bag.

 Here's the back of the package. Nothing much to look at.

Paper insert inside the blind bag.

The other side of the paper insert which shows the checklist of how many figures to collect. Looks like there are silver and gold versions of each as well.

Inside our blind bag we got Chloe the cat. She looks a bit overweight. If you see one of the trailers for the movie you would see Chloe eating from her owner's refrigerator lol.

The blind bags cost $2.99 each. We purchased this blind bag from Target. Other retailers might have them as well.

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