Saturday, July 16, 2016

Unboxing Legion of Collectors' Suicide Squad Box

DC Legion of Collectors Suicide Squad Box unboxing. This box comes out before the Suicide Squad movie comes out in August! Hopefully everyone's received their box. If not, don't look any further.

When you open the box, there's usually comics printed inside the box. This month they did a different take with pictures of various Suicide Squad members.

After lifting the top of the box open, we check out the Patch and Pin that each box comes with. This month features a Katana Patch and Deadshot Pin

Closeup of the patch!

Closeup of the pin!

After pulling up the next layer of the box, we see the above which is a postcard featuring DC Legion of Collectors.

Here's the other side of the postcard which lets you know the contents inside this box and also how they came about to choosing or making these items for this box.

Underneath the postcard is the DC Comics Suicide Squad #1 Variant Cover featuring Harley Quinn. This cover can only be found in the Legion of Collectors box.

Next is the Suicide Squad T-Shirt Exclusive shirt which you can only get in this box. Pictures above show the majority of what it looks like.

 Of course there had to be an exclusive Funko POP! Vinyl Figure which is Enchantress.

Here was a nice surprise! Suicide Squad 3.75" Action Figures of The Joker and Harley Quinn. This is an exclusive format for Legion of Collectors. It's a new line of action figures from Funko. They are not part of ReAction but a separate line all together. These are interesting! The packaging is really nice and it's not the same old regular card back.

What did you think of the Suicide Squad box? In the coming months we will be trying out some new concepts for doing unboxing videos etc... Until then, please enjoy the photo unboxing!

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