Saturday, October 1, 2016

Loot Crate DX SPEED Unboxing

Our first time getting the Loot Crate DX. The theme for the month of September is SPEED. This box included items from Back to the Future, Max Max Fury Road and Transformers. If you want better quality items which are more expensive than what you find in the regular Loot Crate box, you should definitely try out a month. The box itself is huge!!!! Check out the comparison picture below showing a regular Loot Crate box vs a Loot Crate DX box.

We were very surprised with how big the Loot Crate DX box is.
Check out the unboxing below:

 Opened up the box and inside has a picture of the Delorean from Back to the Future. 

 Here's what you see right after opening the box. 

 We pulled out at Super7 Paper Airplane Raglan shirt.

 Under that was The Art of Max Max Fury Road soft cover book.

 Also inside was the monthly pin featuring a hot rod. 

 Next is the Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine 1:24 Diecast by Welly.

 Finally at the bottom of the box is a Transformers Messenger Bag and the lining inside the bag is exclusive to Loot Crate DX. We'll have pictures up of that shortly.

 Continuing with BTTF is the We Don't Need Roads at the bottom of the box. 

 This tri-fold flyer contains the contents and info about them.

Contents of box.
Theme and Directory.
What do you think about the Loot Crate DX. Would you prefer a regular Loot Crate or pay a little more for the Loot Crate DX?

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