Thursday, December 29, 2016

Unboxing the Loot Anime Galaxy Crate!

Time to unbox the Loot Anime x crunchyroll Galaxy Crate for December 2016. Spoilers ahead if you haven't received your crate yet.
 Here's the overview of what's inside this month's Loot Anime crate. 

 Obviously we can see there is a plush dog and so here it is. It's Cowboy Bebop's Ein Plush (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

 More pics of the plush!

 Next is a Robotech LED Light / Lamp. We didn't get a chance to put this together yet. 

 Next is a Space Patrol Luluco Keychain.
 Here's what the keychain looks like when taken out of the pouch.

 Sailor Moon fans will want this Sailor Moon Bottle Opener. 

 This month we get a Yume Galaxy Charm. 

 Front side of poster featuring the illustration by Finni Chang.

Other side of the poster features the contents of this month's crate. 

Did you like what was inside this month's Loot Anime Crate? If so, why not purchase next month's box HERE. You can cancel anytime!

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