Thursday, April 6, 2017

Chima Group Sofubi Pre-Order

If you've been looking for some of Chima Group's Sofubi releases from late last year to their current releases, check out our store HERE. We have the first release of Zakorus in Glow in the Dark and also the Black version. We have various versions of Amedas and Wool as well as Mee, Parabola and Tengallon. Most of these have sold out are now hard to find. These are all very limited and we were only able to secure 1 or 2 of each figure shown above. If you are interested in ordering a lot of figures, please email us to give you a quote for shipping as Storenvy does not have real-time shipping.

Update: We have figured out a way to offer FREE Shipping to USA customers if you purchase any Chima Group figures that is up for Pre-Order. Any questions, please send us an email.

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