Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ID10T Music Festival & Comic Conival Recap

We checked out the first ever ID10T Music Festival & Comic Conival which took place June 24th-25th that was held in Mountain View at the Shoreline Amphitheater. We arrived a bit early and saw a pretty big line of attendees waiting to get in. The show started at 12pm each day and ended late at night.

ID10T Fest Souvenir T-Shirts
When you first enter the show you'll pass by a few Souvenir Stands and other vendors such as Do The Bay and KGO 810 where you can win prizes etc... as well as a lot of places to buy food and drinks.

As you can see in the pictures the place is pretty big and everything was spread out which was good especially when it got more crowded later in the night. A lot of people came out later to enjoy the Music Artists that were scheduled.

Here we are in the area where there are food trucks, beer vendors Snickers, Jelly Belly, Krave Jerky, various vendors and artists. Check out the pictures below.

Everyone could use a TMNT Pizza Cookbook!

Toyota showed their new car C-HR and each one had different things that you could try out. One was making beats, the other was recording you while you danced etc...

Monster Energy Drinks were here.

Various vendors.


Jelly Belly and their Jelly Belly Art!!!

Saw people taking the challenge to try out these gross flavors lol.

Hey There Giant Jelly Belly!

Batman made from Jelly Beans of course!

Wonder Woman


Krave Jerky!

The line for Power Rangers Lazer Tag.

The Power Rangers!!!

Who ya gonna call?

Lots of Art from various artists!

Get your picture taken in front of this backdrop and turn yourself into an action figure.
Met some new friends!!! 

Krave had some games out for you to play while you're waiting for a Panel or other event to start. They had this game and a giant Jenga game which we forgot to get a picture of.

Minion & Lumiere

Is this the droid you're looking for?

Tabletop Gaming

Top Shelf

Artists' Alley


Need some energy?


Taking a peek inside the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Panel.

Who could resist Slimer on the back of the Ghostbusters Car!
If you didn't get a Festival Guide they had a huge one on the side of the ID10T Festival Tent.
The Panels were held in here!
 Watching the Con Man panel! A few quick shots of Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion on stage.

 They are getting introduced onto the stage. 

The panel was pretty cool! In case you didn't know, Alan was also the voice of K-2SO in Rogue One. They talked about Con Man of course and just a lot of funny stories etc... Towards the end of the panel they took questions from the audience.

Overall the show was great. It would be nice to have some of the music performances a little bit early. In the first few hours of the show, the Power Rangers Laser Tag kept a lot of people entertained as well as checking out the Exhibitor/Artists Areas. This was a busy weekend for us so we were not able to stay all day or attend Sunday's show unfortunately. A couple of our team members would've loved the Music Artists and Comedy shows but they already had plans.

There are no in and out of the venue so once you leave, you can't come back in. You also can't bring in certain items so you'll have to check the venue ahead of time or you'll end up throwing them in the trash. Parking is free which is awesome but you'll have to do a little walking. The weather was great. Had the show been held a week or 2 earlier, it would've been super hot!

We've attended a lot of different shows and this one was by far the most diverse in entertainment genres. One thing they could do is maybe add more Interactive Pop Culture / Video Game events for those that need something else to do while waiting in between the Music, Comedy and Panels.

ID10T was a great show with a variety of entertainment. There really is something for everyone. This was the inaugural show and we wanted to cover it. Even though this was a last minute decision to cover the show, we were able to squeeze in a few hours. We hope ID10T comes back next year bigger and better!

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