Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Loyal Subjects Signs Exclusive Deal with Bluefin Distribution

The Loyal Subjects announced yesterday that they have signed and exclusive deal with Bluefin Distribution. Below is their announcment!
"We, at The Loyal Subjects are pleased to announce - The Loyal Subjects have entered a Distribution deal with Bluefin Distribution

Bluefin Distribution; most well known for their Japanese Partners and Imports from celebrated Brands like Bandai's Tamashii Nations, Square Enix and Capcom have partnered with The Loyal Subjects to Distribute ALL TLS offerings.  What does this mean?  Simple - You, our most valuable component and lifelong members of the TLS family will get a great full service experience.  

Bluefin has great Customer Center, Great Service and will deliver your orders on time.  Meanwhile, TLS will continue to build our Brand Statement, Narrative and the wonderful, exciting and fun products that you all have come to love from The Loyal Subjects.  Items incorporating some of the greatest Brands and Licenses that we all love!  

In a nutshell, our time at TLS is now freed up to make sure we keep the imagineerium running at full speed; including more releases, more licenses, better experience at the store level, bigger store footprints and more shelves so more customers can find our products in their cities!  The ACTION VINYLS Program is building fast.  More releases, more Exclusives, better quality, better experiences and more features!  We are also incorporating more apparel components, more accessories and more diverse product offerings so we can accent your lifestyle and be a bigger and better experience at Retail.  

The Bluefin Distribution partnership will allow us to keep the fires stoked and more importantly, YOU STOKED!  It's all bout you, each and everyone of you and that is our biggest priority when approaching our product.  

Design, Vision, Fun, Excitement, Cool, Interactive, Playable - All fundamental components to our ethos.  It's time to build TLS 3.0 under the same enthusiasm that Willy Wonka built his factory.  We're shooting for the same results, but don't expect us to build a laser/ray that can de-molecularize any carbon form and transmit it to your family's TV set!  Because we can't do that yet.  Yeah, I know, we all have our limitations.

Let's keep making great ideas happen!

Jonathan Cathey
The Loyal Subjects, LLC"

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