About Us

We are Toy Collectors with lots of interests in Art, Animation, Graphic Design, Cartoons, Comics, Cars, Pop Culture and lots of cool random stuff.

Toys that we collect now and in the past includes, TMNT, Diecast Cars, Micro Machines, Vinyl Toys, Ren & Stimpy, Wallace & Gromit, The Simpsons, Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story, Cars, Kaiju, Sofubi, Super7, Gargamel etc.... We could go on forever but we won't. : )

We are also promoters for various car shows, World Of Dance & have been promoters for over 12+ years. 


Our blog & website is different than most "news" outlets. The majority of stuff that we post is stuff we collect or stuff we think is cool and would love to have in our collection someday.

In 2012, we stepped up our artistic game and created a logo. In 2013, we officially have our Mascot named JoJo. We also created a little monster named Spittelz. We have them pretty much sculpted and they will be cast in Resin first before being made into soft vinyl. 

Thanks for checking us out!