JoJo & Spittelz

It's time to reveal what we've been working on for a long time. We would like to introduce you to JoJo our Collecting Toyz Mascot and his mischievous monster sidekick Spittelz. If you followed us on instagram, we showed off our clay prototypes and our first resin prototypes before SDCC 2013. (If you don't have instagram, don't worry all the pics are posted below. We are currently re-working JoJo and making him a tad bit slimmer (stomach wise). Spittelz is all good to go.
JoJo the Collecting Toyz Mascot
This guy above is JoJo the Collecting Toyz Mascot. He's getting re-worked right now. He will be about 4" tall.

Spittelz the Mysterious Monster
This little guy is Spittelz, he's a mysterious monster that JoJo found one day while digging in an abandon warehouse filled with packing peanuts. (We'll have the whole story up a little later.) Spittelz will eventually become a finger puppet type figure first but depending on how things go we might make him into a bigger figure.

These were awesomely sculpted by Maren Seibold  & the resin will be casted by Mark Bentley both from HHR. We will have a few small runs of resin before getting these sent off to Japan and made in soft vinyl.

Below are pics of the Resin samples that we had with us during SDCC. These were the first ones pulled. Again thanks to Mark of HHR for rushing to get these samples out to us.

Camera Flash is on!
No back shot as JoJo's leg had a bit of an accident on the way back from SDCC.
 Mark added some blue to show off the details in the sculpt.
We'll have more pics with the original sketches and some of our t-shirt designs that were made. We have buttons/pins/badges & a sticker design so far. We'll also have bios of both characters up shortly.

We hope you like these as much as we do!