Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tony Hawk Birdhouse Skateboard Shape Dog Tags

Enterplay's Tony Hawk Birdhouse Skateboard shaped Dog Tags blind pack. Picked up one of these at the dollar store. It's funny how sometimes you can find stuff like this that are sold at say Target or other stores for $3-$4 per pack. There are 24 Skate Tags & 8 RIFIT Power Discs to collect.

There are 18 Silver Finish, 5 Gold Finish and 1 McSqueeb Gold. Pretty sure you can figure out which ones are harder to get.

 This is the RIFIT Power Discs that you get in the pack. Pictures show both sides. What exactly is RIFIT? Basically you are flicking these with your fingers to see show can RIFIT the furthest.

The chain and Skate Tag comes in a plastic ziplock bag.
We got Falcon 4.

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