Friday, January 27, 2017

Loot Pets Origins Unboxing

Loot Pet Origins Unboxing - January 2017 ---- SPOILERS AHEAD if you have not received yours yet! You have been warned! :)

The inside printing of the box.

 This is what you'll see one open up your box. 

 The first thing we'll pull out since it was on top of everything else we pull out a pack of Meaty-Orites! Dog Treats which is Chicken & Cranberry Puffs (looks kinda like pork rinds for dogs).

 This month's toy is an exclusive Krypto Plush dog toy. He has a squeaker inside and his cape makes crinkle noises as well.
Here's the back of the dog toy.

Here's the tag.

 Next inside is a Star Trek Uniform Pet Bowl. There are 3 different colors that you could get. We got the gold/yellow one. There is also blue or red as well. 

 Here's the bottom of the box so you can see that it is indeed a licensed product. 

 Last but not least is an exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pet Charm. Love this!

 Each Loot Pets box will also come with a double sided postcard featuring the Theme of the box for this month.
The other side of the postcard will feature the contents of the box.

Loot Pets is awesome! A lot more quality items inside the box! Our dog loves the treats and the toy. If you love what you've seen this month you can sign up for the next box HERE.

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