Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Loot Wear Mythical Unpacked

Here's the Loot Wear Mythical Unpacked. Loot Wear items comes in a polybag and not a box. This is the October 2017 Loot Wear but we just received this a couple days ago. Check out our unpacking pictures below:

 We decided to pull out the Loot Wear pamphlet or contents guide first before we took out everything else. 


 Loot Undies - Evil Dead II Underwear or Boxer Briefs for Men obviously.

 Loot Tees - Stranger Things T-Shirt featuring Eleven and the words Upside Down.

 Loot Socks - Dungeons & Dragons Crew Socks.

 Loot Socks - Ghostbusters Crew Socks

 Loot Wearables - Ghostbusters Windbreaker
Very nice!

 Loot For Her - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Dark Willow Souvenir Jacket.

This is a stunningly awesome jacket! 

Did you like the Loot Wear items that you saw here? You don't have to buy everything. You can buy just the socks, tee, wearable etc... Go here for more details.

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