Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Amazing Poster Artists Create Action-Packed Comic Book Covers For Amerikarate

(Woodland Hills, CA) June 20th, 2017 – What do you get when an all-star group of poster artists create covers for a hit comic book series? You get the eye-punching, mind-kicking Poster Artist Variant Cover Series for Action Lab Entertainment's AmeriKarate issues 5 to 8.
AmeriKarate's Poster Artist Variant Cover Series features comic book covers by artists Tom Whalen, Anthony Petrie, Dave Perillo, and Ian Glaubinger. These popular artists have created posters for Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, The Beatles, Bad Robot, Paramount, Warner Bros, Mondo, Nickelodeon, and more.
The Poster Artist Variant Cover series includes:
  • AmeriKarate #5 “Full Metal Variant” cover by Anthony Petrie.
  • AmeriKarate #6 “Karate Man Variant” cover by Dave Perillo.
  • AmeriKarate #7 “RoboSam Variant” cover by Tom Whalen.

  • AmeriKarate New York Comic Con Exclusive “Deadly Future Variant” cover by Ian Glaubinger.
  • And AmeriKarate #8 features two mystery variant covers by Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo.
Adding to that amazing list, there will also be covers by fan favorites Devin Roth (Bob's Burgers), Daniel Arruda Massa (Cougar & Cub), Bill McKay (Zombie Tramp), and live-action costume covers featuring cosplay model, April O'Neil.
These issues of Amerikarate will be gone faster than an evil villain about to get AmeriKarate kicked in the face, so preorder your copies starting June at local comic book shops.
AmeriKarate is the hit comic book series that's a karate-chopping good time! An ode to 80's action movies, AmeriKarate is filled to the black belt with action, sexiness, comedy, and robo-ninjas. AmeriKarate is written by Brockton McKinney, Corey Kalman, and Christian Moran, with art by Devin Roth and Daniel Arruda Massa.
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