Friday, June 30, 2017

Nintendo Summer of Play Tour 2017

Nintendo Summer of Play 2017 will be making stops across the USA. The only Northern California stop was at the Alameda County Fair during the first 3 days of the fair which is located in Pleasanton, CA. We waited in line for about 30-40 minutes since they didn't open until Noon and the Fair opened at 11am. Luckily, it was still early in the day so the heat was still bearable. There was a huge heatwave that last almost 2 weeks or so.

As we waited in line prior to opening of the Nintendo event, the Nintendo staff was handing everyone in line a postcard/game card where you would go and play different games and get your card stamped at each station. If you completed your card by playing 8 different games, you would redeem the card for a prize at the prize station.

Since you have to play 8 different games, 4 of the games were mandatory in order to check them off the postcard. You had to play ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Pokemon Tournament DX which were the newest/latest games coming out soon.

The longest line was for Splatoon 2 which you went in groups of 8 and played 2 rounds. For most of us, that was the last game/stamp to get checked off.

Finally, after playing all different types of games and our prizes were given to each of us. By the way the swag above was from multiple members of our team. If you are a My Nintendo member and completed the postcard, they would scan your QR Code so you could get a Limited Edition Metal/Aluminum My Nintendo Water Bottle. It's heavy! If you are not a member, you could easily sign up there as well.

As for the prizes, you went to the prize booth in the middle of the event and pushed a button to see what you'd get. If you get a certain character/picture you would get certain prizes. You could get Arms Sleeves, Arms Mask, Splatoon 2, Tattoos & Ever Quest Stickers. Other prizes that we saw were cup tumblers, sunglasses, Mario Hat etc...

To see if they will be at a city near you, go HERE.

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