Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wetmore Forest & POP Monsters Tumblebee

Funko announced POP! Monsters Tumblebee Vinyl Figure. Tumblebee is the first monster revealed  from Wetmore Forest which is Funko's Original Line / Characters designed by various artists that work at Funko.

Bio on Wetmore Forest: 
Somewhere deep in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, there is a wooded glen known as Wetmore Forest. Among the great mossy, bearded trees, shrouded in mist, lives a mysterious furry band of critters that come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own distinct personality. They are called POP! Monsters.

Who is Tumblebee? 
He’s at home in the misty meadows of Wetmore and gets his name from the bold stripes across his furry body and his love for tumbling aimlessly among the wildflowers. He is well liked among the other creatures of Wetmore because he is kind, caring, and honest.

Everyone loves Tumblebee! They know that through rain and snow and highs and lows he can be counted on to protect you from danger and give you a bear hug and a big laugh when you most need it.

You can purchase Tumblebee HERE for $15. 

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