Thursday, June 30, 2016

Loot Pets Dogtopia Unboxing!

It's another month for Loot Pets. This month's theme is Dogtopia!!! We're unboxing the box as how we receive it so check it out! Spoilers ahead if you didn't receive your box yet.

What makes Loot Pets different than other boxes is that the Loot Pets get cool paper wrapped around the monthly goodies inside. This month is grass all over the paper. It's packed upside down but it's ok.

Here's what we see when we push the paper aside. This looks like a very fun box again this month!

 Here we see the Human Dogtopia T-Shirt. 

 Next is the Pet Dogtopia T-Shirt. 

 Here's a shot of the matching t-shirts for both Human and Pet to wear! 

 Next we see a hot dog plush toy. By the way you could also get a burger or pizza plush toy.

 You can't forget treats and this month we got Bliss Burgers. Our dog can't resist these yummy treats every month. 

 This month we got a Fire Hydrant Collar Charm!

Finally here is the collectible trading cards that you can tear apart. 

Do you like what you see here? Don't forget we post on our instagram our unboxing including our dog who eagerly waits to wear his new shirt and eat his treats.

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