Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Legion of Collectors' Villains Unboxed

Everyone loves a good Villain! Inside the DC Legion of Collectors Villains Box is a bunch of stuff lol. Everyone has received their box by now. So let's check out was inside!

 Great to see a bunch of crazy villains plastered all over the inside of the box. 

 First thing you will see when opening your box is the Patch and Pin. Everyone loves to see who will be on the patch and pin. This  month, the Bane is on the Patch and The Riddler is on the Pin. Closeups of both are below.

 Ok after we checked out the patch and pin, it's time to move further down the box. 

 First we pull out the postcard where one side features the next box which is themed DC Legacy. 

 The other side of the postcard features the contents of the box and how they came to be. 

 Batman #232 Comic book which features an exclusive POP! Cover. 

 Next is an exclusive Two-Face Dorbz vinyl figure. 

 Exclusive Catwoman POP! Vinyl Figure.

 Exclusive POP! Home The Joker POP! Ceramic Mug.

The Joker POP! Tops 

A lot of the items are pretty good this month. Would prefer more toys lol. Don't really have a need for more Mugs and Hats.

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