Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Loot Wear Horror Contents!

Ok, This is pretty late. We received this in early November but this was the October Horror Loot Wear. In case you weren't paying attention to what was inside last month's Loot Wear, here's what you could have received.

 First we pull out the postcard that reveals the contents in the "Horror" Loot Wear Package. 

 Loot For HER - Edward Scissorhands Raglan 

 Loot Undies - The Walking Dead

 Loot Tees - Shaun of the Dead

 Loot Wearables - Alien Weyland-Yutani Corp Long Sleeve Shirt

Graphic On the Side of the Arm. 

 Loot Socks - The Walking Dead (these match the undies)

Loot Socks - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Always so much good stuff every month. How can you not resist?!?

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