Saturday, December 30, 2017

Super Mario Fun Stuff Collectible Box Unboxing

To our surprise we found a Super Mario Fun Stuff Collectible Box by CultureFly at Walmart. Check out our pictures below:

 Here's a picture of the back of the box. By the way the box is the question mark square that you would hit in the Super Mario Game for either coins, mushrooms etc..

 Overview once the box is opened. 

 Culturefly postcard with option to do the online survey on the back of the postcard. 

 Super Mario Beanie. 

 Fleece Scarf. Pictures show the scarf in plastic package and the other taken out of it.

 Mini Note Block. 

 This is the mystery item which is the Super Mario Exclusive Vinyl Figure. The question mark with green mushroom. 

 Next is the Red Mushroom Insulated Lunch Bag. 

 Iron On Patches feature the Red & Green Mushrooms and Star.

Finally, there is a Super Mario 1 coin. 

For all those that grew up playing Nintendo / Super Mario this is an awesome box. So much 80's / 90's Nostalgia items have been coming out lately. Culturefly has been doing great with these types of boxes.

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