Thursday, April 9, 2015

Toynami's ROBOTECH Blind Box, Plush & 1/100 Transformables

Toynami announced that their Robotech Blind Box, Plush & 1/100 Transformables are now available at your favorite specialty stores HERE.

Strap into your Veritech and celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Robotech in 2015! Can you believe it?

Each fully transformable action figure stands approximately 6 inches tall and is fully articulated, and can be converted into Fighter, Battloid or Gerwalk modes. Also included is a gunpod weapon accessory and an adjustable display stand, for maximum versatility and poseability.
The first assortment of the Robotech 1/100 Scale Transformables include:
  • Roy Fokker's VF-1S (new version with white body!)
  • Rick Hunter's VF-1J
  • Max Sterling's VF-1A (with an all new paint scheme!)
  • Miriya's VF-1J 
MSRP: $36.99 each

Your favorite figures get a chibi makeover in this Super Deformed Blind Box Assortment. Protecting Earth from alien conquest has never been more adorable! 

The Robotech Super Deformed Blind Box Figurines include:
  • Rick Hunter
  • VF-1J Miriya
  • VF-1A Max
  • VF-1S Skull Leader
  • Battlepod
  • Destroid Tomahawk
Which will be the chase?

MSRP: $11.99 each

The famed Robotech Plush previously only available as a limited edition claw machine prize are here! Each plush is screen printed with the iconic veritech designs and measures 5 inches tall and 1 foot nose to tail with a 10" wingspan. A perfect collectible for Robotech fans of all ages!

These soft plush are available in:
  • Max Sterling's blue VF-1J
  • Rick Hunter's VF-1J
  • Roy Fokker's yellow VF-1S
MSRP: $29.99 each

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