Monday, June 29, 2015

REVIEW: SD Toys x DC Comics Batman & Flash Super Dough DIY Modeling Sets

We recently received a Batman & Flash Super Dough DIY Modeling sets from our friends at Entertainment Earth. These DIY (Do it yourself) kids are by SD Toys. There is an assortment of DC Comics Super Dough sets that you can get. Besides Batman and Flash, you can also get The Joker, Superman, Green Lantern, Batmobile and the Batcave.

We were given the opportunity to try these out ourselves. The ages for these sets are 3+ and are non toxic. Please note that we have no sculpting or molding experience. We decided to make Batman first.

Taking the Super Dough out. 3 Containers with the colors needed to make Batman.

The picture above shows what you get inside the set. You get a step by step Assemby instructions, a DIY guidebook, Molding/Sculpting tools and of course the Super Dough.

This was our first Batman. We didn't do a step by step photo shoot because these air dry so you do not need to bake them and we needed to get the parts on in a good amount time before the dough dries and you would need to remake the part or spray it with water to soften it back up. There are obvious mistakes and no where near perfect. Our proportions are off but hey we tried. We made Batman a bit smaller than it was supposed to be so we ended up having enough dough to make a second Batman.

Batman 2 & Batman 1
We did improve a bit on the second Batman. Both Batman Sculpts were done about a week ago. Since these air drys, we wanted to wait and see how they hardened. They hardened up to feel like foam boards. They are lightweight as well.

This past weekend, after debating on whether or not to make the Flash Super Dough. Well we caved and made the Flash. This time our proportions going with the Instructions seemed to be about the right size. There wasn't much left of the red dough. The trickiest part was the nose.

The final picture of all 3. The Flash is bigger than both Batmans.

Final Thoughts:

We had a lot of fun making these! 

This was our first time actually molding/sculpting something that didn't come with stencils or mold makers. In the beginning we were relying on the step by step instructions a bit too much because we wanted to make this as perfect as possible. If you're new to molding things like we were, don't expect the instructions to guide you on the thickness of the dough for the more smaller detailed elements or how big to make the head, body etc... It's more of guide so you have to calculate the proportions yourself on how big you should make each part. 

Once we figured things out and got more comfortable with making these, it became more fun and was something that we wanted to make more of. For beginners like us, you definitely need some patience on the first go around. The next time, it becomes much easier and enjoyable. 

You can mix the different color doughs to make custom colors of whatever you wish. These are non-toxic and won't stain.

These sets retails for $9.99 each. You can get Batman, Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, The Joker and the Batmobile. For the Batcave the price is $24.99. These all can be purchased from our friends at Entertainment Earth.

We highly recommend these sets to anyone that wants to learn how to sculpt or mold or just have some fun making DC Comics Characters.

Thanks again to our friends at Entertainment Earth for letting us review the Batman & Flash Super Dough DIY Modeling Sets by SD Toys.

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