Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Super7 Announces SDCC 2015 Vinyl Exclusives

Super7 just announced their SDCC 2015 Vinyl Exclusives. Top Row from left to right -  Pumpkin Boy "Green Ghost" $65, Mongolion "Red Menace" $65, Caveman Dino "Aurora Kit" $35, Frederick "Night Light" $35 and Honoo "Dying Light" $35. Bottom Row from left to right - Foster "Chocolate Mint Swirl" $25, Milton "Chocolate Mint Swirl" $25, Pie Guy "Chocolate Mint Swirl" $25, Pocket Mummy Boy "Pink Power" $25 and Pocket Rose Vampire "Pink Power" $25. 

You can purchase these at Super7's Booth #4945. Stay tuned for more details on events that will be at their new retail store in San Diego.

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