Thursday, June 8, 2017

Loot Pets GUARDIANS Unboxing

Check out what's inside the Guardians Loot Pets for the month of May. It features an item from Guardians of the Galaxy and some awesome goodies for your pet! Check out the unboxing pictures below:

 Here's what you'll see once the box is open. 

 Here we take out the Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon bottle toy. 

 Next is Shield Sliders Dog Treats.

 Finally, there is a Limited Edition Bark 'N' Bite chew toy. 

 Here is the postcard and shown are both sides of it. 

This little guy is checking out his Loot for this month. He's hoping the bag of treats will open magically so he can eat them all. 

Overall, the box was ok. Was expecting a little more. They seem to have gotten rid of the collar charms and this month there was not pop out frame from the postcard as seen in previous boxes. If the items are geared more towards dogs, Loot Pets should look into Dog Poop Bags or bag holders because most dog owners walk their dogs and need to pick up after them.

If you like what was inside this box, you can purchase next months' box HERE for your special pet!

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