Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Nick Box Summer Block Party Unboxing - SDCC 2017

The Nick Box Summer Black Party has SOLD OUT unfortunately for those that missed this box! This was a pretty awesome box! Even better box if you had purchased this at SDCC as you got an exclusive item. More on that further down this post!  If you have not received your box yet, don't look any further as there are tons of spoilers ahead!!!

We love the design of this Nick Box as its made to look like a Boom Box! How many of you remember these with the cassette player? 

Here's the overall view of the whole box once you open it. 

Closer look at the top part of the box. 

This box is jammed packed (literally) with so many things that if you are a mint in box collector, you're going to be so out of luck as a lot of the boxed items that we got have dents/dings etc... but the items inside are all good. 

The first item we pulled out is the Retro TV Bumper T-Shirt. 

Under the t-shirt, we'll pull out the card that shows all of the box's contents. 

Front of Card.
Back of Card.

Here is a very cute Spike Poseable Plush. If you don't know Spike is from Rugrats.

Another angle of Spike.

Here we have a Hey Arnold Tumbler. More pics of the tumbler below!

Check out this different and unique Gerald Vase!

We like how they offer you different suggestions on how to use this. 

Here's Gerald. Please note that they all seem to be individually hand painted so the paint may look slightly different on each one. 

There seems to be a lot of Hey Arnold items in this box. How about another one which is an Arnold Bobblehead.

Our absolute favorite item in this box is the TMNT Ice Cream Vinyl Figure.

LOVE THIS!!!! It's a melting ice cream! Yes the real version of the TMNT ice cream is still available. Look for your local ice cream truck or vendor selling these in parks etc... We purchased a real ice cream during SDCC and compared it with this. Looks spot on too! Check out our instagram for the picture!

Are you a huge Spongebob Squarepants fan? Well you're going to NEED to get this Spongbob Hat and Spatula so you can work at The Krusty Krab. 

Need some Aahhh Real Monsters Chip Clips to keep your snacks fresh!

Don't forget to grab your Rocko's Modern Life CONGLOM-O  Koozie to keep your favorite beverage nice and cold. 

Here's the SDCC Exclusive Mickey Kaline Baseball Card which was only in boxes sold at SDCC. 

Look closely at the back of the card an you can see the SDCC Logo. Also note that this is not on the box contents card. 

Finally at the bottom of the box is this heavy Mini Bean Bag Toss Set which features your favorite Nicktoons Characters from Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, Aaahhh! Real Monsters, Hey Arnold etc...
The set comes with 2 wood pieces to toss your mini bean bags in. Green & Orange! These wood pieces are a bit heavy. 

These Nick Boxes have all been pretty awesome! If you missed out on this box, don't forget to sign up for the next Nick Box which is themed Treasure & Treats!

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