Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Loot Wear Alter Ego Unpacking

We actually just received June's Loot Wear Alter Ego last week which was a bit odd since it was July. It seams that Loot Wear and a lot of the apparel have been delayed the past few months. We just received word that some of us will be getting our Loot Crate (Animation) later in August because they had a t-shirt snafu. Doesn't really bother us since we're a bit behind on a lot of July Unboxings due to SDCC and the post recovery. Pics below if you haven't already seen what was in the June Loot Wear.

 Loot Tees: Transformers

 Loot Wearables: Spider-Man Baseball Tee. The front features the logo of the high school that Peter Parker went to in Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

 The back of the shirt features the Spider-Man Logo.

 Loot Socks: Spider-Man (front)
 Spider-Man (Back)

 Loot Socks: Jay and Silent Bob featuring their alter-egos. (front)

 (back of socks)

 Loot Undies - This Jay and Silent Bob Boxer Briefs will match the Loot Socks.

 Loot For Her: Spider-Man Beach Towel Cinch Bag. Both sides shown above and below!

 Here is the Loot Wear Guide for the month that shows all the items released.

If you like what you've seen, Loot Wear releases cool items every month! Go HERE and subscribe today!

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