Monday, October 30, 2017

LEGO and Disney Debut Spectacular Stop-Motion Animation Retelling of 'Cars'

In celebration of Cars 3 coming to DVD on Nov. 7, Disney today released Cars As Told By LEGO, the newest episode of its popular digital series produced in collaboration with LEGO. Watch as Lightning McQueen makes his LEGO debut in a charming, 3-minute, stop-motion animation video  narrated through the eyes of a youngster. 

In spectacular stop-motion animation, the video above details Lightning McQueen's devastating defeat to Jackson Storm and his return to Radiator Springs to put his life (and LEGO parts) back together again. The retelling includes recreations of iconic scenes from the film, including meeting his trainer Cruz Ramirez, training at the demolition derby and McQueen’s epic final race.

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