Monday, October 31, 2016

Loot Pets HORROR Unboxing

Check out our Loot Pets Horror Box unboxing for the month of October. This box features items from The Walking Dead, Scooby Doo, Gremlins and Halloween.

This is what you'll see once you open your Loot Pets box. There's a sticker promoting the new season of The Walking Dead. 

Here's a closer look of how the contents are packed inside the box. 

 The Walking Dead Negan Sluggers Shirt for your pet. If you purchased a Loot Crate this month you would have received the same t-shirt so you can match with your pet. 

 Inside the box is a The Mystery Machine Plush Toy from Scooby Doo for your pet! 

 Of course there some Spooky Snacks Turkey Treats for your dog. 

 Also inside is an awesome Gremlins Pet Feeding Mat which says Don't Ever Feed After Midnight. 

This month's collar charm features Michael Myers / Halloween. 

Then at the bottom of the box is a postcard. Here's the front. 

Here's the back which features the contents of this month's box. 

One of the things that we love is that they always include some type of pop culture property from iconic movies and shows. One of our favorite Loot Pets box to date. If you missed out on this box, make sure you sign up for November's Box which has the theme of Magical and will feature items from Steven Universe, Doctor Strange and Lord of the Rings.

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