Monday, October 31, 2016

Inside Collector Corps Doctor Strange Box!

Who's ready to see the Doctor Strange Movie? Marvel Collector Corps has a box filled with Doctor Strange items. What's inside? See below for step by step pictorial unboxing of what's inside the box.

 The first thing you do when you open the box, this is what you see. Collector Corps always has graphics of what the theme of that particular month is and this month we see Doctor Strange printed all over the inside of the box. We also see the monthly patch and pin.

 Here's the Doctor Strange Patch and Pin. 

 Doctor Strange graphic printed on the box. 

 Closeup of the patch. 

 Closup of the Pin. 

 Now we pull up the layer that has the patch and pin up to get to next part of the box. Here we see a postcard which mentions X-Men. 

 Taking the postcard out we see that the next Collector Corps box will feature the X-Men.

 The other side of the postcard shows the contents of the box as well as how each item in the box came to be part of this box. 

Under the postcard we see a Doctor Strange T-Shirt. The T-shirt comes in a plastic polybag but we took ours out to show you the graphics better.

 Under the t-shirt is the Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme Comic Book. 

 Always a favorite part is the exclusive "Levitating" Doctor Strange POP! Vinyl Bobble-head figure. 

 The final item inside the box is the Doctor Strange POP! Ceramic Mug. 

We thought this box was pretty good. The only thing we aren't really fans of is the Ceramic Mugs but they make great gifts.

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