Saturday, October 1, 2016

Unboxing Loot Pets SPEED Box

 Loot Pets SPEED Unboxing....

Here's the contents that you see when opening the box this month. As you can see there is a couple of differences compared to previous months. Loot Pets is no longer including human t-shirts in the box so if you want a matching t-shirt you need to order yourself a Loot Crate. Instead they will be putting in an additional item for your pet such as an extra toy etc... Also missing is the decorative paper that would be inside the box keeping your contents a secret.

This month's shirt is Stark Industries' Stark Motor Racing Shirt for your pet. If you've been a subscriber to Loot Pets since they started you can tell the difference of the shirt and the sizing. When Loot Pets started the shirts were bigger and not be so snug. The newer shirts in the past 3 months have gotten smaller. 
Here is the bag of treats that your doggie will receive. It's the Mach-3 Munchies. Please note for certain medium - small dogs these may be a tad hard for them chew on if they don't have strong teeth. They are pretty hard that even we can't break.

Next in the box which you can hear when picking up the Loot Pets box is the X-Tire Ball which has a bell inside the tire so you can hear it rattle and make noise.

Another toy is included in the box and it's the Classic Lawn Games Doggie Darts. There are 2 colors and which one you get will be a surprise. Green or Pink.

 Of course they included a Loot Year Collar Charm so your pet can show off how fast they can run!

Finally, the post card showing a few cute dogs riding in a car on one side and the other side shows the contents of the box.

Did you enjoy the Loot Pets box? Want to see more? See you next month. We'll have comparison pictures of the pet shirts in another post.

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