Thursday, December 29, 2016

Loot Pets Revolution Unboxing

Follow along as we unbox the Loot Pets Revolution Box for December 2016. This is also the 1 Year Anniversary of Loot Pets!

 This is what we see once we open the box. Hmm, wonder what could be inside?

 We pull out a Plush Toy which is Warriorz Plush and we got the Ninja version. There are other versions that you could have received such as Gladiator, Heroine, Archer or Knight.

 Of course there are treats this month... Hacker_Snacks.exe Beef Dog Treats. 
What dog can resist beef?

 Also included in an Invader Zim Dog Bandana featuring Gir. 

 Also inside is a Rick and Morty Snowball Pet Blanket. Now this came at a great time as it's winter and a lot of dogs need to keep warm just like us humans.

 Loot Pets 1st Anniversary Pet Charm which looks like a Floppy Disk. Do you remember what a floppy disk is? 

 Here's the front of the postcard.

Back of the postcard which shows the contents of this month's box. 

This is definitely the best box that we have seen so far! Like what you see here! Get your beloved pet a box today HERE.

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