Thursday, December 29, 2016

Loot Wear Magical Collection

We've been getting our Loot Wear a bit later into the next month so basically this throws our schedule off a bit. The Loot Wear "Magical" Collection for the month of November includes items from Loot Tees, Loot for Her, Loot Wearables, Loot Socks and Loot Undies.

For the Loot Tees - Doctor Strange Ugly Holiday Tee.... 

Loot for Her - Kingdom Hearts Icons Scarf

Loot Wearables - Harry Potter Crest Logo Pants

Loot Socks - Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Socks and Harry Potter Mascot Socks

Loot Undies - Lemongrab Adventure Time Underwear

Here's the Postcard that features all of the items inside the November "Magical" Loot Wear! If you've enjoyed what you've see so far from Loot Wear go HERE to purchase next month's Loot Wear!

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