Thursday, December 29, 2016

X-Men Collector Corps Unboxing

The X-Men Collector Corps Box is ready to get unboxed. Pretty sure everyone's seen what's inside but what the hey let's look at the contents inside.

 You can never go wrong with comics printed inside the box. 

 This month we got a Storm Patch and Magneto Pin. We say this for every box but we sure love the patch and pin that comes in each subscription box.

 Closeup of the patch!

 Closeup of the pin!

Further in the box you get to see what the theme for the next box would be which is Super Hero Showdowns. Looks exciting!

 Hmm wonder who will be featured in the next box? 

 Back of the postcard shows the contents of the box and how they came to be. 

 Exclusive POP Cover for Champions #1 Comic Book

 Professor Xavier's Ringer T-Shirt.

 Here's the shirt taken out of the plastic bag. This is the first ringer t-shirt in the Marvel Collector Corps Box. 

Also inside this box is Wolverine's Motorcycle POP! Rides.

The final item in the box is a Mystique Rock Candy Vinyl Figure. 

If you love Funko products as well as Marvel, DC or Star Wars, make sure to subscribe to their subscription services.

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