Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's A Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Superman Legion of Collectors Unboxing!

Hopefully you've all received your SUPERMAN Legion Of Collectors Box. If not, there's spoilers ahead so you've been warned!

Here is what you'll see once you open the box. You see the patch, pin and the comic printed inside the box that matches the theme for this box which is Superman.

 Closeup of the comic inside the box. 

 Slightly closer look of the Superman Patch & Pin. 

 Closeup of the Superman Patch. 

 Closeup of the Superman Pin.
Always a favorite is the Patch and Pin from every Funko Subscription Box. They never disappoint.

 Here we are at the bottom layer of the box where everything else is hidden. 

 We pull out the Superman T-Shirt which is Funko-ized of course.

 Here's the full graphic of the Superman T-Shirt.

 The Classic Superman POP! Vinyl Figure is one of the best POP! Figures released. 

 Of  course you had to get Pocket POP! Keychain of Superman!

 One of the Surprises in the box is the Action Comics aka First Appearance of Superman Action Figure. If you are Superman fan you need to have this in your collection. This is exclusive to the Legion of Collectors box so if you're not a subscriber either sign up for the next box and if they have any left you can purchase previous released boxes.  Last resort is Ebay and other secondary markets unless you have an awesome friend who doesn't want theirs. 
 Surprisingly, the postcard/flyer was close to the bottom of the box. In previous boxes, this would be the first thing you would see once you opened the box further. This side of the card features the next themed box which is Wonder Woman! You know it's going to be filled with lots of Wonder Woman goodies and of course with the new Wonder Woman movie coming out in June.

 Here's the other side of the card which gives you details and insider tidbits of how the items inside this box came to be. 

Last but not least is the Superman #1 Comic Book. 

So far the boxes that have been coming out have been great! The Superman Box has to be our favorite so far. We are definitely looking forward to the Wonder Woman box!

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