Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Loot Crate PRIMAL Unboxing

Here's the PRIMAL Loot Crate Unboxing for March 2017. If you haven't received your crate yet, please be aware that there are spoilers below.

 This month's box was a bit heavy and once we opened the box this is what you'll see. You'll notice a t-shirt and a Metals Die Cast X-Men Old Man Logan Wolverine Figure.

 Here's a closeup of the t-shirt which is an exclusive Overwatch Winston Primal Rage T-Shirt. 

 Here's a close up of the Exclusive Metals Die Cast X-Men Old Man Logan Wolverine Figure. There are 2 other variants which would be Logan and Raw Adamantium Logun (all silver).

 Underneath the shirt and Metals Die Cast is a Metal Predator Bottle Opener. There are 2 variants you could get. You either got the Jungle Hunter from the original Predator or Gort, one of the members of the hunting party from Predator 2.

 We also received a Loot Crate Edition of the Jurassic World Warning Metal Sign. 

 This month's pin is Journey to Other Worlds. Log into your account to unlock your DLC. Every month you'll get something different. 

 This is the monthly magazine that tells you more info about the contents inside this crate. 

 This month, the box turns into a T-Rex. Check the pics for more angles of the box. 

By the way if you subscribed to last month's box, there is something new called the Secret Order of Keys and for those that completed all of  their challenges received a special pin in their crate this month. There are new challenges this month in the Secret Order of Keys and you need to complete them within a set amount of days. The faster you solve the challenges the better your chances to receive a bonus item next month.

If you liked what you've seen in this month's crate or intrigued about the Secret Order of Keys, sign up for the next Loot Crate. Next month will feature an item from Stranger Things. Go HERE for more info.

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