Friday, March 10, 2017

Loot Anime Together Unboxing

We're going to be unboxing the "TOGETHER" Loot Anime Box for February 2017. If you have not received yours yet, please know there are spoilers ahead.

 This is what you'll see once you open your box. 

 Here's a full shot of the box when fully opened. 

 First thing we'll pull out is the One Piece Film: Gold Luffy Figure by Banpresto. 

 Here's the back of the box. 

 Next thing inside this box is the Loot Crate/Anime Exclusive Haikyu!! T-Shirt. 

 Also inside is The Boy & The Beast Light Novel. 

 We also got a Mr. Osomatsu Blind Bag Charm. 

 Loot Crate Postcard - Their 5th Anniversary and they have a new Logo.

 Yume Together Phone Charm. Every month you get a Yume Phone Charm themed to match the month's theme.

 Poster/Contents of the box. Poster Illustration by Cotton Tan.

 Here's the graphics inside the box. 

If you like what you like what you've seen in this Loot Anime Box, go here for more info on how you can purchase the next Loot Anime box.

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