Sunday, March 19, 2017


We were lucky to get this month's PRIMAL Loot Pets box early. There's still a few hours left to order this month's PRIMAL Loot Pets box which features items from The Flintstones and Predator. You have until 9PM Pacific to place your order HERE. You can see our unboxing on our instagram HERE first and we will post pictures in this post in a few days.

Update - Pictures posted below:

 If you haven't received your Loot Pets PRIMAL Box, you might not want to keep reading this post.

Here's what we see when we open the Loot Pets box. Lots of smaller items this month so you'll notice the items rattling inside the box.

First thing that we pull out is the Dino Bonz Chew Toy which they call Plubber because the outside is furry like a plush but inside is rubber.

Next is what all the dogs want which is the Barkeologist Bones Dog Treats. These are bone shaped beef treats. No dog will be able to resist these!

Exclusive The Flintstones Dino the Dinosaur Squeaky Chew Toy. The Box is rubber and squeaks while the tail is plush. Pretty Cool!
 More pics of the Dino toy!

 Finally, your pet will get an exclusive Predator Collar Charm.

 Here's the back of the card that shows the contents of this box. 

The front shows the theme for this month. 

Oh and of course you can punch out the middle of the card to make a frame to use so you can take pictures of your pet enjoying their Loot Pets goodies. Don't forget to use the Hashtag #LOOTPETS and #PAWTOGRAPHY on social media.

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