Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Check Out Loot Wear's PRIMAL Collection

Loot Wear PRIMAL Collection has arrived! There has been delays for certain items the past few months so here's what was in the PRIMAL March Loot Wear Collection. Check out the pictures below:

 First thing we pull out is a 3-in-1 Scarf which is Disney's Beauty and The Beast! This is exclusive to Loot Wear / Loot For Her and is a Limited Editon. 

 Here is a closer picture of the graphics on the scarf which is a pale yellow/beige color featuring The Beast and of course Belle. This is an awesome Disney item as Loot Wear / Loot Crate hasn't had too many Disney Exclusives. This is perfect for the Disney / Beauty and the Beast collector in your life.

For Loot Socks this month, there's a '90 Wolverine X-Men and Godzilla Crew Socks. Obviously if you're a fan of Wolverine or Godzilla then these are perfect. The quality is very nice and is produced by Bioworld.

For Loot Wearables, this month is the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Raglan. For those that have the Nintendo Switch, we're sure you've been playing this game. 

 Loot Undies this month featured Ren & Stimpy Boxer Briefs. If you were a fan back in the 90's of this awesome Nickelodeon Cartoon this is a must have! 

 Finally for Loot Tee, Predator is the theme of this shirt! The graphic is on a dark green t-shirt.

 Here's the little flyer/pamphlet that give more info on the items this month.
Loot Wear now lets you know what specific franchise is featured so you can decide if you want to purchase that particular Loot Wearables, Loot Tee, Loot Socks, Loot Undies & Loot For Her and it's not a mystery like it used to be. If you love what you've seen this month, check out Loot Wear and everything else that Loot Crate has to offer HERE.

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