Saturday, April 15, 2017

Wondercon 2017 Recap

Wondercon 2017 was back at the Anaheim Convention Center this year. Obviously, we would have loved it if Wondercon came back to San Francisco, but definitely glad to see them back at the Anaheim Convention Center. It was probably less than 2 weeks before Wondercon and we were still debating if we should cover the show this year. We already had plans to come down to So Cal so we were able to squeeze in some time to cover Wondercon.

Wondercon at the Anaheim Convention is great as always! If you were not able to get tickets for SDCC, this was the next best show to go to out here on the West Coast. The badges were RFID just like last year, you tap in then tap out when prompted to by the Staff working there.

As you can see the weather was awesome! It wasn't too hot or too cold. Cosplayers were out in full force! The difference between Wondercon and SDCC is that a lot of exhibitors don't go full out crazy with their booth set ups or have a lot of exclusives. Very minimal freebies as well. There is less exhibitors obviously and less toy companies showing their toys so we don't have a lot of pictures of toys but we did get quite a few of the small press or artists areas.

 Here's closer pictures of the show Midnight Texas which was advertised on the Anaheim Convention Center and on banners hanging throughout the area.

Now this was GENIUS!!! This here is where you purchased Exploding Kittens from this HUGE dispenser. Yes, you actually gave them money through this and they dispensed your item at the bottom.

The other booth that was awesome was the Toddland / Bob's Burgers Booth. We have a picture of that in our slideshow which we'll have towards the end of this post.

Dreamworks had a small booth setup to promote Captain Underpants. As you can see, Captain Underpants was waiting to get his picture taken!

Wondercon was great as usual. It's a smaller show and you can pretty much walk the whole exhibit floor in one day depending if you go to panels etc... There's a lot of space to walk around and not as insanely crowded as SDCC. You have space to walk and breathe. Not much shuffling like SDCC. There are a few areas that does get congested but those are far and few between. The lines were very manageable.

Check out our slideshow below for more pictures from Wondercon!

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Forgot to mention that we had an interesting shuttle bus ride back to the parking lot. Our shuttle driver made a wrong turn into the wrong lot and the bus that were in is the size of the city bus so you know how hard it is to maneuver the bus in a tight parking lot area. The driver had some mad skills making turns between parked cars in the lot. That was probably an extra 15-20 minutes trying to get out of that parking lot to get us to the correct lot.

Wondercon was great this year as always! Hopefully they will stay in Anaheim or come back to the SF Bay Area! See you at Wondercon next year!

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