Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, We're Unboxing the Disney Treasures Pirates Cove Box

We've been waiting for this first box to arrive! So happy that Funko decided to make an all Disney Subscription Box! Disney is always near and dear to our hearts especially since we grew up on Disney Movies, Cartoons and trips to Disneyland. With that said, first we love the box graphic that it comes in which is a Treasure Box and it has a Mickey keyhole on the lock!

Funko mentioned that there's a sticker on each box and as it continues with more and boxes throughout the year, they will keep adding more stickers to the box which is a cool concept especially for those that keep their boxes.

Closeup of Sticker.
The first theme for Disney Treasures is Pirates Cove and of course the first thing that comes to mind is Pirates of the Caribbean or Captain Hook from Peter Pan.

Here's what we're looking at once we open the box. The lid of the box shows the map / layout of all the Themes for the boxes that will be coming out this year. This is the first time ever that Funko announced all the Themes for the entire year.

As with all Funko Subscriptions, there is a patch and pin.  For Pirates Cove, we got a Captain Hook Patch and a Captain Mickey Pin. If you collect all the patches for the first year, they will all fit together to frame a secret patch. Hmmm, wonder what it could be?

Closeup of the Captain Hook Patch.
Closeup of the Captain Mickey Pin.

 Now we pull up that layer of the box and here's what we see, a treasure trove of awesomeness!

 First up there's a Welcome Postcard from Funko / Brian Mariotti. This was a nice touch.

Next is the Treasure Map err... well... sort of that tells you what the contents in the box are and some cool Disney Tidbits too! Love the feel of the paper and it does feel like a treasure map.

The back shows all the themes for this year and highlights the theme for the next box which is Festival of Friends. Do you remember the maps that Disneyland used to sell years ago? This sorta reminds us of those. Those were the best as it was a cool souvenir and you can see how Disneyland and other Theme Parks would change over the years.

Now, to more awesomeness inside this box which is a SMEE POP! Vinyl Figure. You can only get this from the Disney Treasures Pirates Cove Box as it's an exclusive.

Also included is the Pirates of the Caribbean Wicked Wench Captain with Pirate Ship Dorbz Ridez. This is really cute! Totally adorbs!

Funko's new line in the Disney Treasures boxes is the Disney Mini Tins. The mini figure inside is pretty much a Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure but packaged inside a really awesome tin. The graphics on the tin is so awesome! We recognize the scenes from each side of the tin from the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. Check out the pictures below:

Jack Sparrow!

Group Shot
Above is a group shot of everything that we received. They include a sticker of the month's theme inside the box as well. As you can also see, since we joined as a Pioneer member, we also received an extra pin as a welcome gift that says Disney Treasures Pioneer 2017.

If you join as an Adventurer (6-months plan), you will also receive a similar pin. Funko extended the closing date to join to April 22nd.

You can purchase just this month's box, a 6-month plan or 1-year plan HERE but this month's box closes on April 22nd and it's also your last chance to get the special introductory pricing.

If you're a fan of Disney or know someone who is, you can't go wrong with this subscription. Btw, if you want to see our instagram unboxing, go HERE.

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