Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gecco's Bloodborne / Omen Tapestry SDCC Pre-Order

Gecco announced the Bloodborne / Omen, Tapestry (wall scroll) which features the memorable back shot of the protagonist "Hunter" rendered with the ancient city Yharnam, also the video game's box art,  is recreated as a fine art tapestry. The splendid  artwork is beautifully printed on the highest quality fabric available. The material is thick double-suede polyester, and captures the color brilliantly.

"Bloodborne" is a mega hit action RPG developed exclusively for PlayStation®4, and has been attracting enthusiastic fans since its release.

If you are going to SDCC, you can pre-order this HERE for $39.99 and pick it up at their booth #4931.

-Price: US$39.99
-Size: 728㎜×515㎜
 Fabric: Double Suede Polyester
 Rod: PVC
-Release: July 20th 2017

For those that are not going to SDCC, Gecco will have these for sale in their online store (Gecco Direct) and will ship in August.

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