Monday, July 31, 2017

Legion of Collectors Batman: The Animated Series Unboxing

Legion of Collectors Batman: The Animated Series Unboxing. July is almost over and of course we didn't have a chance to post our unboxing until now since we were busy prepping for SDCC.

 Here's what you'll see when opening your box. 

 Always love looking at the graphics inside the box! 

 Here's the Patch and Pin. 

 Closer look of The Joker Patch.

 Closer look of the Catwoman Pin. 

 Next layer of goodies are shown like this. 

 The monthly flyer/card that shows the theme for the next box which is DC's Most Wanted. 

 The back of the flyer/card shows the contents inside this box and a little in-depth tidbits on how they were made etc...

 Here's what's underneath the flyer/card.

The Batman Adventures #1 Comic Book and features a POPified! version of Batman: The Animated Series Title Card.
 Under the comic book we see this!

 Check out the cool Batman: The Animated Series POP! Version of the show's Logo. 

 Batman: The Animated Series Mr. Freeze POP! Vinyl Figure that you can only get inside this box! 

 Finally, there is the Batman: The Animated Series Batman with Batmobile Dorbz Ridez. 

Here's another view of the Dorbz Ridez. 

This box was pretty good! Loved pretty much everything! Looking forward to the next box!

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