Monday, July 10, 2017

Sanrio Small Gift Crate VACATION Unboxing

We're unboxing the Sanrio Small Gift Crate "VACATION" for June 2017. Hopefully everyone received their box already. If not, spoilers below:

 Just so you know that when you flip the box inside out, it will turn into a suitcase. 

 Here's what you'll see once you open the box. 

 Remember back in the days when you  made a purchase at a Sanrio store and they'd stick a cool little trinket like this on your bag? Those were the good ole' days. Now you have to pay for a bag and no freebies. Anyways, this month we got an awesome Chococat on a Beach Ball Trinket.

 As we open the Sanrio paper we see more goodies inside the box. 

 The first thing that we pulled out since it was on top is the Sanrio Beach Tote. It's a heavy duty plastic/vinyl tote and features Hello Kitty, Keroppi, My Melody, Chococat and Tuxedo Sam.

 Underneath the Beach Tote, we pull out a pair of Keroppi Flip Flops. These are too cute to wear!

 Here's the Exclusive Hello Kitty Beach Figure. 

 Ok, here's Hello Kitty taken out of the box. It's a translucent (clear) vinyl and shows Hello Kitty enjoying the beach. It's heavy too!

 Next is the Sanrio Beach Towel. It's HUGE! Check out some pics of the beach towel below:

 Finally, there is the Keroppi Charm that is super cute and great addition to your bag/purse etc...

 Here is a postcard(s)/ contents of box. One side features pictures of various Sanrio characters at the beach and the other side shows all the contents inside this box.

If you're a Sanrio fan, you will enjoy this box! These are exclusive to the Small Gift Crate. If you would like to subscribe to the next box which is themed TASTY, go HERE.

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