Sunday, July 5, 2015

Munky King Annnounces More SDCC 2015 Exclusives & Releases

Munky King announced more of their exclusives and releases for SDCC 2015. Luke Chueh's Hung which was first teased and then they revealed it to be Gold/black. This will cost $15. There will also be 2 custom Targets "Bad Idea" & "Everybody Loves Panda" from Daniel Fleres which you can see is an edition of 1 and will cost $300 each. Also teased was a Scott Wilkowski Resin Infected Target. Munky will also be releasing Headspace by Luke Chueh which is an edition of 200 for $55. Only 100 will be available at SDCC. The rest will go on sale later on on Munky King's website. Make sure to stop by Munky King's Booth #4851.

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