Monday, July 27, 2015

SDCC 2015 Recap - Part 1

Preview Night
SDCC aka San Diego Comic Con was held July 8th (preview night) - July 12th. We've had a couple of weeks to recover from the 4 1/2 days of madness. The picture above was Preview Night and this picture was the calm before the storm. The weather was nice the whole time. It wasn't too hot or too cold. Pretty sure no one really wants to read through this lol so will try to keep this short and to the point.

If you've never been to SDCC. One question... Do you like to stand in line? If not, SDCC is going to be a challenge for you. There are literally lines for everything. There are lines to get into lines to get into yet another line etc... and depending on what you're planning to do, get autographs, exclusives, see a panel, outside events etc... there is going to be lines.

If you like pictures, we have a lot from various companies/events.

Check out our Slideshows below:

This is our "Outside" Album which features random pictures of outside the convention center and into the Gaslamp area.

Adult Swim on the Green was pretty fun. Everything was free as long you registered, had a SDCC badge and were 18 or older. The carnival games were free and you can play each game twice. You also could get a free Adult Swim t-shirt. They gave you a wristband and would mark it when you played that game etc... You would win tickets which you could later redeem at their Prize Center booth for carnival prizes etc.. Rick & Morty had a nice display there and the Meatwad Full Dome Experience was back. Also at night, you could watch screenings of various Adult Swim shows but you had to get another ticket/wristband for that.

Next is the FXX Fearless Arena. They had various things for you to do. You had to register to participate and they gave you a lanyard/badge and you could collect different cards from each event you did as well as other swag that they gave out. For AHS:Hotel they gave everyone a AHS-Hotel Key which was cool. If you were one of the first 1500 or so people to register (you could register before SDCC on their website which they announced) you were given a free huge swag bag featuring their shows, The Strain, American Horror Story: Hotel, Fargo etc... The Simpsons' Kwik E Mart truck was set up on Saturday and they were giving out free Squishees and you could get your picture taken with Homer and Bart.

Oh and just one other thing. Saturday at SDCC was 7/11 and 7-11 gave out free Slurpees, Luckily there was one close by the convention center.

We've have quite a few more picture slideshows and even some short videos. We will be posting multiple SDCC recap posts featuring/highlighting some of the best things that we saw or experienced. We're going to have separate posts for exclusives, freebies/swag, companies that showed off some amazing things. We did not attend any panels.

For those trying to get tickets for next year's show. Go for it and experience it at least once in your lifetime. It will be overwhelming but enjoy it and soak it all in. There are lines, a lot of lines even for the outside events there were huge massive lines. Sometimes you can't do it all but if you go with a group of friends/family, plan out what you all want to do and split up so you can all at least experience a bit of everything and take pictures or videos.

There was so many things going on this year that we couldn't possibly get to half of. By Saturday, we could feel the exhaustion setting in. We were so busy, we forgot to do some of the events that were going on. The main thing is to have fun and yes it can get frustrating at times but remember this event happens once a year and you have to be pretty lucky to get tickets for one of the hottest shows/events of the year.

We always plan our days out and try our best to schedule in what we want to do. We don't schedule  in too much because you never know how long you'll be stuck in a line for a panel, exclusive, signing etc... Sometimes its kinda fun to just wonder around and you end up finding unexpected things.

We'll be back in 2016 to cover SDCC again. Until then, keep following us here, twitter and instagram to see what we're up to. This is just part 1 of our SDCC recap. Enjoy the pictures and hopefully you'll get a taste of what you missed this year.

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