Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SDCC 2015 Recap - Part 3

Oh Funko... The line to buy their exclusives was still a huge headache for many. On Friday, a friend was one of the first people in line to get into the exhibit hall that morning. (We are all in line to get into convention center by 6am.) By the time they got into the exhibit hall and at Funko's booth the line was already capped. How could that be? The doors just opened and our friend + others that were one of the first ones inside the exhibit hall were told the line was capped. Funko had said before SDCC that exhibitors had to wait an hour before getting in line to purchase exclusives so obviously these exhibitors clearly did a bait and switch with regular attendees passes. Our friend and many others were very disappointed and we're sure the Funko staff got an earful of complaints. Walking around SDCC that day, you could clearly see many retailers selling Funko's SDCC exclusives for way more than Funko was selling them.

This brings us to Saturday.... Looks like Funko changed it up a bit and started giving out line passes to try and make things more fair.

Basically if you got a ticket you were able to get in line that day to purchase exclusives. If you got Group 1 you could come back anytime before 12pm. If you got Group 2 you couldn't get in line until after 1 or so. Our friend ended up waiting in line for 3 hours and during that time had to wait for Funko as they closed up and went to lunch. (Not to be an ass or anything but couldn't some staff members take lunch at different times to not keep their customers waiting any longer than they have been already?) At the end of the day, our friend got everything they wanted and came out satisfied.

Funko Fundays tickets sold out in record time in less than an hour when they went on sale. It was pretty much a blink and you missed it kinda sale. The tickets were $100+. Unfortunately, we didn't make it this year but their Fundays are really fun and you get some cool swag as well. 

This year, Funko & Mindstyle held their first POP! Life Exhibition during SDCC which featured Funko POP Asia, Hikari Limited Editions, Life size statues, prototypes etc... The event was held the Spark Gallery in San Diego, CA. The setup was nice. Loved the life sized statues. They had POP! Asia vinyl figures, Hikari etc... for sale but we didn't really get a good look at many of them since they were behind the cash register and lightning wasn't too good. What would have helped a bit was if there was a price list as there was no prices and didn't want to ask the people working there how much was everything as they probably get asked that a lot or would even be annoyed. When we went, there was no lines and no crowds. The good thing was because there weren't many people there we could get some decent pictures. There were blue strobe lights going on throughout the gallery. A lot of the pics you will see the blue light effects. In person it looks cool but not so much when taking pics.

Here's a slideshow of pictures from Funko's booth (not many due to severe crowding) and the POP! Life Exhibition. 

One final note, Funko should probably start giving out tickets up in the sails pavilion like Hasbro etc... due to the high demand in their exclusives.

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