Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Loot Crate Anti-Hero Unboxing

The August Loot Crate's Theme is Anti-Hero. So basically the opposite of Hero lol. Everyone should have received their crates already but if you didn't, don't look any further!

 Here we go! Once we open the box this is what we see! 

 Nice inner box design!

 Archer T-Shirt : Sterling Archer Danger Zone President 

 After removing the shirt, we see the next level of goodies!

 Here's is Kill Bill Vol. 1 exclusive Socks to help you kick some ass!

 Next is an exclusive QMx Harley Quinn Q-Fig.

 World of Warcraft Loot Pins

 Hellboy Right Hand of Doom Ceramic Bank by zak!

 Monthly Loot Crate Magazine! 

Really like how the box unfolds this month. 

Another solid month of Loot Crate goodies! Really digging the mallet. Oh and btw, there was an extra piece of cardboard to construct the handle that also some inside the box. The best transformation of the box yet!

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