Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Unboxing the Squadron Loot Anime x Crunchyroll Box!

Did you get your Loot Anime x Crunchyroll Loot Anime Squadron Box yet? If not, don't look any further! Spoilers ahead!

After opening the Loot Anime crate, we see the graphics on the top lid area of the box which looks like the box will fold into a top secret box.

Here's what you'll see after opening the lid and you can see that there is clearly a t-shirt in the box this month.

 The exclsuive t-shirt this month is a GATE T-shirt by A Crowded Coop! 

 Next is the Assault Kingdom GUNDAM Figure by Bandai. 

 Anti-Magic Academy Scarf by Bioworld

 Arpeggio of Blue Steel Manga Vol. 1 by Seven Seas

 GATE Multi-tool Carabiner by A Crowded Coop

 Squadron Phone Charm by Loot Anime Labs

 One side of the Loot Anime Poster features the contents of this month's box!

The other side features illustration by LucidSky. 

What did you think of the Squadron Loot Anime x Crunchyroll box this month? If you like what you see here and didn't purchase a box yet, you can order next month's box HERE.

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