Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nick! Nick! Nick!.... Unboxing The Nick Box Featuring "Nicktoons"

Some of you will remember the jingle on Nickelodeon back in the 90's in between shows etc... with Nick... Nick... Nick... Nickelodeon....! Anyways, we're unboxing the first The Nick Box with the theme as "Nicktoons". Nickelodeon released this box first at SDCC but you can pre-order HERE if you weren't able to go to SDCC. The only difference is that if you purchased this at SDCC you would get a bonus SDCC 2016 T-Shirt. Other than that everything else inside the box is the same. The cost for The Nick Box is $49.99 + S&H for one box but if you subscribe for a whole year the price per is $45.99 + S&H. They will start shipping orders starting August 15th, 2016. Please note that this box is big and heavy. If you don't want to see the contents inside the box, don't look any further because there are spoilers ahead!

As we mentioned above this is the bonus SDCC 2016 T-shirt that you get when purchasing The Nick Box at SDCC. Above is the front of the shirt and below is the back of the Shirt.

Are you ready to see what's inside The Nick Box? Here's what you see when flip the lid. You see all the logos from the various Nicktoons shows such as Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, Ahhh Real Monsters etc...

This is what you will also see once you open the lid of the box. You see a postcard which pretty much tells you what's inside the box.

Here we have a closeup of Rocko's Modern Life's Spunky Plush.

Here's a picture of the full plush.

Here's your next Cosplay outfit for the next comic con. It's a Chucky's Saturn T-Shirt and Purple Glasses ready for you to use!

 Underneath the Chucky Cosplay and Spunky Plush we see what else is inside the box!

First thing we pulled out is the Reptar Vinyl Figure. Here is Reptar inside the Box. Below is Reptar outside of the box. The quality is pretty good on this!

Next is a Stimpy Ceramic Mug which unfortunately comes in a plain white box. Not sure why they chose to not have a nice box for the Stimpy Mug. It was the only thing out of place since everything else was nicely packaged. Maybe they were rushing and couldn't get the packaging made in time for SDCC? The paint on this is ok, There was a spot on this that we purposely covered up because it looked rushed and not sure how this passed QC with a pretty good size uneven paint job.

Then we see Angelica's Cynthia Doll. Box was a little bit smashed so expect yours to have some dings/dents since the Mug inside is fairly heavy and when it get shipped or your move the box it can certainly lead to an imperfect box.

 We also got a cool Cat Dog Flash Drive! Too cute to use!

 Also inside is Coasters featuring the cast of Rugrats - Phil, Lil, Chucky, Tommy and Angelica!

A nice pack of Iron On Patches featuring Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Angry Beavers and Ahhh! Real Monsters!

Last but not least is 4 different greeting cards featuring Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold etc...

We'll be back to update this with better pictures for the Coasters, Patches and Greeting Cards!

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