Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Loot Pets Anti-Hero Unboxing!

Loot Pets Theme for August 2016 is also Anti-Hero! Hope you all received your Loot Pets box this month. If not, don't look any further!

 This is what you see when opening the box. 

 Next we part the nicely printed paper and see what's underneath.

 Here is the Dogpool shirt for your pet. Unfortunately this month and last month's shirt runs smaller than the other months shirt. Our pooch was a bit disappointed as he loves to put on the shirt and eagerly awaits for the treats inside. 

 Here is the matching human t-shirt which says I'm The Leader of the Pack! 

 Inside the box is Harley Quinn's Mallet Dog Toy! 

Another picture of it. Forgot to get a pic of it out of the bag but our dog took it somewhere to play with. 

 Here's the treats for this month which is Mallet Smackers of course!

 Also inside is the World of Warcraft Collar Charm. 

 Postcard featuring the Anti-Hero Theme - Dogpool and Harley Quinn

Dogpool and Harley Quinn with a little World of Warcraft

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